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I help artists establish
a timeless sound WORK WITH ME by producing &
mixing music
that doesn’t rely
on hype and
grows their fanbase

You already have an idea for your next song. Now it's time to make sure it's going to be timeless.

Bottom line: You want your music to last & build a long-term relationship with your audience without chasing fast dying trends and worrying about being forgotten just because you haven't released in a week.

Hey, I’m Eduard.

About five years ago I felt like I was caught in a vicious cycle where my individuality, taste, and creative vision were bent to the whims of the “hype train”. I was sad that the music I was producing for my dear clients would get an initial spike of streams shortly after the release but then forgotten right after because the aforementioned train already moved on. Because they (and I) didn’t know better, we kept chasing after the next hot thing in the industry only to realize that we were chasing our own tails.

At some point, I saw that some artists, big-time and indie, had successful careers and loyal fanbases for many years yet they did not compromise their creative vision for the current state of the industry. Their sound was strikingly similar to what I’d actually love to write but was afraid to. I said “f*ck it“ and went for it. I went against the grain and started creating music that was similar to that of my musical heroes. Over time I found similarities between all of them that greatly contributed to their longevity and made them “hype resistant“. A selection of musical elements, techniques, and approaches that combined, would give their music a timeless sound. I decided to put that knowledge and experience into practice and this is how my “Timeless” approach was born.

Since then I helped 100+ artists to create their unique, long-lasting sound, released music (in collaboration with them) on Spinnin/Dharma Worldwide and HEXAGON, worked with artists like KSHMR, 22Bullets, and rising k-pop star Jamie, as well as opportunities to create content for brands like ROLI, Acustica Audio, Slate Digital, and Bandlab. Win-win-win.

The “Timeless“ approach helped me give my clients a sound that will stay relevant and create long-lasting relationships with their audiences even years down the line. It also helped me create a career for myself. The way I wanted.

I can help you create a lasting, distinct sound that will continue to build your fanbase and your brand. You don’t need to chase trends anymore. Plus, when the trends die, you won’t.

If you want me to work on your project, fill out the collaboration form at the bottom of the page to get the ball rolling!

Here Are Some Recent Tunes I Worked On:

Project highlight:

my most recent collaboration with my friend 22 Bullets, Fedde Le Grand & JAMIE

How Collaboration With Me Works:


We talk

All great relationships start with a chat. We start the process with a pre-production call via Skype in order to determine your needs and come up with a suitable quote. Payments are done via PayPal, so that everyone is protected.


We plan

Strategize, plan and execute. We make a gameplan, set a timeline on your project and book the work sessions. I designed the process to be efficient and personal by using tools like Skype, Google Apps and PayPal.


I create

I create the first drafts of your project and collaborate with you until it's finished.


I deliver

Finally your project is saved in the cloud, which you can access at any time. I keep you posted at every stage, giving you the confidence that I'll deliver your projects exactly how you want.

What some of my clients say:

Producer, DJ


``Dude it's a pleasure working with you! You absolutely killed it on our project``

Producer, DJ, #98 DJ Mag Top 100

22 Bullets

`` My favorite producer for funky, evergreen tunes. His chord game is insane!``


Ryan Neal

``The man who breathes life into my music. Definitely one of the most unique producers and mixing engineers around``

Avant-garde Audio Plugins

Acustica Audio

``Eduard is a rising star of the current retro-futuristic music scene...`` (Interview 2019)


One major problem of today’s oversaturated music market is the ability to stand out in a sea of mediocre copy & paste artists. everyone uses the same techniques, tools, and samples (and gets mediocre results).
That’s why I put the utmost attention into creating highly unique and TIMELESS sounds, making them available to a rather small audience of producers and artists (you won’t find them on Splice). I’m convinced the “Time Capsule” will help you stand out and be just a little more unique than the regular copy & paste artist. Download below!

I also started a podcast where I interview industry veterans and my musician friends who share their experiences in the murky waters of the new music business.

Check it out!

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